Turning old mobile phones, tablets and laptops into money for charities

Have you ever thought it seems like a waste to throw away old mobile phones every time you upgrade your device?

We think so and fortunately Arinex found a great organisation to work with who will collect and repurpose all old and unwanted mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

PhoneCycle helps businesses across Australia increase their sustainability through the ethical disposal of end-of-life devices, having processed over 350,000 devices and counting. The solutions are rewarding for businesses, the environment and the wider community.

For a busy event management company, this initiative suits us perfectly with PhoneCycle taking care of all the time consuming logistics, such as collecting the devices in every office location and securely clearing data and documents.

On Monday 7 November, coinciding with National Recycling Week, the team at Arinex officially started collecting will unwanted mobile phones, tablets and laptops, including those from friends and family.

PhoneCycle will collect all the items at the end of November and start the process of repurposing them. Arinex will receive a dollar value for the entire collection and staff will vote on which charity this money is donated to.

This initiative aligns with Arinex’s Sustainability Policy and commitment to keeping our people, our environment and our community at the heart of everything we do.

For more information about PhoneCycle visit www.phonecycle.com.au