Tapt: An eco-friendly solution to business cards

Every year, eight million trees are cut down just to make business cards. Every day, 27 million business cards are printed. Every week, 88% of those cards are thrown out within a week of being passed on.

These are the alarming statistics highlighted by Tapt, an Australian-based tech business behind the country’s first physical digitised card.

The concept was sparked when Founder and CEO Elon Datt was searching for business cards for his web development business in 2019. When he couldn’t find digitised physical cards in Australia, he went about developing the product himself.

Since launching to market in 2020, Tapt has gained 5000+ customers and now offers four product variations starting from $34.95.

Arinex began using Tapt business cards in 2021 after it eliminated printed cards as part of its commitment to being a carbon neutral event management company.

Tapt uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which inputs a person’s contact details into a smartphone via a simple tap. The Tapt card owner can also receive the other person’s contact details, even if they don’t have a Tapt card.

Along with the information you would find on a paper business card, Tapt cards can store profile photos, links, files, social media profiles, schedules and more. The physical cards can also be customised to a company’s brand.

Along with being sustainable and reusable, the product allows users to update their information at any time; eliminating the time and cost involved in printing new business cards whenever they change jobs or phone numbers.

For more information, visit tapt.io