Arinex is proud to be a carbon neutral organisation. We strive to deliver on the four pillars of sustainability – human, social, economic and environment by aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our corporate social responsibility beliefs underpin this and frame our decision making day-to-day. As a result, we are proud of the positive impact within our organisation, our team and our clients.

Wongabel Mabi

Forest Restoration

While in Cairns for the Arinex Conference in 2023, team members had an opportunity to learn about and revitalise the endangered ecosystem of the Wongabel Mabi Forest Restoration project. The team funded the planting of enough native trees to remove the non-travel related carbon emissions generated by the conference.

Towards Reconciliation

Arinex is working towards meaningful action to advance reconciliation, receiving endorsement from Reconciliation Australia on its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). It means a deeper connection with First Nations people in the planning and delivery of our clients’ events, further enhancing the cultural experience for attendees. View our Reconciliation Action Plan here.


Our human sustainability focus is on creating jobs, satisfying our employees, having respect for each other, having consideration for the health and wellbeing of our employess, and ensuring our team are upskilled and motivatd to deliver high quality events with an emphasis on sustainabile event delivery.


Arinex stimulates sustainable innovations, collaborates and continues to obtain and grow relationships with suppliers, industry and clients to improve the social fabric that your event has in a local community to ensure all events leave a positive legacy.


For events to be economically sustainable focus on the efficient use of resources to improve profitability. To achieve economic growth Arinex looks for initiatives to generate income and strengthen competitiveness that will build business resilience. Ensuring strong profit ensures continued growth of your organisation and development of future events. 


Arinex is a carbon neutral organisation with a target in the future to have net zero emissions. This helps to protect, restore, and regenerate ecosystems and services to ensure long term environmental sustainability in the world. We solve problems without creating harmful side effects. We use local suppliers preferably those with carbon neutral status, modernise infrastructure, implement digital transformation and event solutions and continue to recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

Sustainable Initiatives 

Australia’s business events industry is making notable progress in sustainability. Browse through these articles that highlight sustainability initiatives and uncover practical strategies and ideas for businesses of all sizes looking to make a positive impact on the environment, culture and society.

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Arinex supports Wongabel Mabi Forest restoration to offset conference emissions

Australasian event management company Arinex has become the first to trial a new reforestation project open to business event groups visiting Tropical North Queensland. While in Cairns for the Arinex Conference, team members had an opportunity to learn about and...

Kelp and tropical forests: offsetting our footprint with two worthy organisations

To offset our carbon footprint for FY 2022, Arinex has supported two organisations; Canopy Blue Kelp Carbon Offset, based in Western Australia, and Rimba Raya Borneo REDD+, located in Borneo, Indonesia. In this blog, we share a bit about the important work each...

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A landmark conference that aims to accelerate Australia’s hydrogen development to combat climate change has taken place in Canberra. The inaugural Australian Hydrogen Research Conference (AHRC 2023), managed by Arinex, was held at the Australian National University...

Dress promotes LGBTQIA+ rights

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Turning old mobile phones, tablets and laptops into money for charities

Have you ever thought it seems like a waste to throw away old mobile phones every time you upgrade your device? We think so and fortunately Arinex found a great organisation to work with who will collect and repurpose all old and unwanted mobile phones, tablets and...

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Photo: Destination NSW Over 1,200 cultural heritage experts from around the world are set to meet in Sydney for the General Assembly of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in September 2023, marking the first time the event is held in Australia...