Qantas strengthens sustainability commitment

Qantas has renewed sustainability commitments in order to reduce its overall environmental impact. Among its many pledges, the airline has said it will cut net emissions by 50% come 2050, reduce 75% reduction of inflight waste to landfill by 2021 and remove 100 million pieces of single use plastic items from flights and lounges.

As part of the exclusive partnership between Qantas and Arinex, Arinex is delighted with the airline’s sustainability commitment and what it means for our clients and their events, and of course the planet. As well as reducing the overall footprint of their events, it will give delegates and groups better peace of mind when booking air travel with Qantas.

Other benefits for clients, thanks to Arinex-Qantas partnership, are;

  • Exclusive Qantas special offers and discounts for event attendees
  • Support with pre-event marketing and promotions for our clients
  • Added commercial credibility for our clients thanks to Qantas brand alignment with their event
  • Can include a personal welcome aboard from the captain or CSM;
  • Best flight connections
  • Free access to Qantas Frequent Flyer Program;
  • A seamless and integrated booking experience for event attendees.

Qantas Head of Sustainability and Industry, Moksha Watts said: “We recognise that the cost of inaction outweighs the cost of action. Our environmental performance also drives our commercial benefit and ensures our continued success. It is our resolve to embed environmental performance and sustainability principles within all our management systems, policy and practices. Reducing our overall environmental impact will strengthen the service we provide for both national and international delegates. As part of our partnership with Arinex, we’re pleased to help guests leave a much reduced carbon footprint when they fly, while also showing them the true Spirit of Australia.”

Visit the Qantas website for more information: