Amazing Client Outcomes

XXVIth World Congress of the International Union for Angiology

The XXVIth World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA 2014) was held from 10-14 August, 2014 at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney. This five-day Congress, which had not previously been held in the Australian region, promoted scientific exchange from all specialties related to vascular pathology.

The meeting was hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Chapter of the International Union of Angiology (ANZCIUA) on behalf of the International Union of Angiology.

Congress Objectives and Achievements

  • To achieve 450 delegates – Successfully achieved 491 participants with 52 countries represented (58% international and 42% national).
  • To achieve 200 abstract submissions – Successfully received 271 abstract submissions contributing to a program of 131 oral presentations and 133 electronic posters.
  • A sponsorship and exhibition target of $171,500 which included an exhibition target of 16 booths – Exceeded Sponsorship and Exhibition revenue target by 28% including 34 Exhibition Booths.
  • Financially to break even – Successfully achieved an overall financial surplus.

Challenge and Outcomes

1) Speaker Entitlements

It was the expectation of the IUA and Executive Board that all Invited Speakers be provided with complimentary registration, accommodation and a travel allowance to support their attendance and participation at IUA. This amounted to an unmanageable expense within the budget and created a severe deficit position. Arinex strongly advised against providing such generous entitlements to all speakers and suggested a small honorarium for some keynote speakers. By the IUA adopting this advice some $115,000 expense were removed from the budget and financial disaster was avoided.

2) Delegate Numbers

During initial planning phases, client delegate numbers were anticipated between 1000 and 2000 according to anecdotal information of numbers achieved in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Arinex checked within their INCON Partnership and advised that these numbers were unrealistic and inflated and recommended adjustment for the long-haul destination of Australia. Ultimately a target of 450 delegates was agreed upon.

Three months out from the Congress with only 80 registrations, the Organising Committee (OC) was very despondent. Arinex did not give up or falter, rather focussed on guiding the OC in how it was possible to invest time in marketing to increase registration numbers. With coaching, direction and positive attitude Arinex was able to instil hope in the Committee members which created a positive attitude and buzz surrounding the Congress. They thus participated in ‘last minute’ marketing (personal contact, spreading messages through their networks, etc) all with a forceful message about how great this Congress would be. In the time after this discussion, registration numbers soared to both Arinex and the OC delight!

“The congress was a one-off event for Australia, being the first time it has come to our region. There were many challenges, mainly related to the difficult economic climate at this time for industry and for delegates coming from a wide variety of countries. The challenges were well managed and overcome with Arinex working closely with the Organising Committee. In the end, a very successful congress ensued, excellent feedback received on the organisation, the scientific quality of the meeting and the congress venue. It was a great pleasure to work with your highly professional team and I would be very happy to recommend your company to anyone wanting a successful outcome for their congress.” 


Professor John Fletcher

Chair of the XXVIth World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)