Amazing Client Outcomes

XXIV FIG International Congress 2010

The International Federation of Surveyors is the premier international organisation representing the interests of surveyors worldwide. Its international congresses are held every four years, with annual working weeks held in the intervening years. The preceding FIG International Congress was held in Munich, Germany in 2006 which gathered 1300 delegates from about 100 countries.

Challenge: Unfamiliar Exhibition + GFC = Worrying times!

With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) playing on the minds of the Steering Committee (SC), the Operational Management Committee (OMC) and Arinex, there was concern as to the unknown effect it would have on delegate numbers, exhibition and sponsorship. What could they do to ensure a sound return on investment was achieved for the stakeholders?

In 2006, the FIG Congress had been integrated within the large scale INTERGEO Trade Fair, which attracts over 17,500 participants. The dilution of statistics for the exhibition component of the FIG Congress meant that Arinex and the OMC had no measure about which companies would be likely to purchase exhibition space at FIG 2010. From the Munich Congress in 2006, the only data found was that 12 booths in the INTERGEO Trade Fair had been focused on the FIG Congress, and that all 12 were complimentary! How could Arinex ensure that the correct amount of space was secured for FIG 2010, and that the sponsorship and exhibition budget be soundly forecasted? 

Solution: Partnerships, innovation, and unique selling points

The SC, OMC and Arinex collaborated on an extensive sponsorship and exhibition plan, with the SC and OMC maximising their networks and keeping arinex sales staff updated on new industry offerings. The SC and OMC’s contribution complemented the detailed industry research conducted by arinex, and this effective partnership ensured all markets were reached with a relevant message.

To ensure the sponsorship and exhibition marketing plan was effective, Arinex focused on two vital factors to ensure success in the face of the GFC: innovation and a unique selling point.

Arinex developed a new innovation, exclusive to FIG 2010, called the Spatial Innovation Down Under Pavilion. This concept provided a unique product offering for Australian and New Zealand spatial organisations to be in close proximity, making the pavilion a destination in itself within the exhibition hall. Stands in the Pavilion were priced at a premium and Pavilion exhibitors benefitted from an exclusive networking lounge area and a well defined space in the hall.

The unique selling point of the Congress was its record-breaking technical program featuring over 700 speakers. Arinex ensured this was creatively highlighted in marketing activities to emphasise the benefit of exhibiting at the Congress, matching the delegate and speaker profile with the desired outcomes of the exhibitors.


The result was an increase of 14% from original expectation, with 91 booths sold. The outcome of the FIG 2010 exhibition was a resounding success, as reported by Professor Stig Enemark (FIG President), when he commented that “it was the best exhibition we have ever had at a FIG Congress”.

Thank you all for your contribution towards what turned out to be an exceptional week for us at FIG. Everyone from both Leica and CRK were extremely happy with not only the presentation, but the outcome. I have been attending (and sponsoring) events for about 35 years, and the reciprocation and recognition for our (that is, both Leica and CRK’s) investment was by far the best I have ever experienced. For the profile level (Leica and the CRK) and the recognition we received via the organisers generally, it was definitely value for money. As far as arinex is concerned, your dedication, professionalism and attention to detail was brilliant. You were extremely professional in every way from day one and did a marvellous job.


Colin Plumb

Australia C.R. Kennedy, Titanium Sponsor XXIV International FIG Congress 2010