Technology solutions for triple event success | Arinex & Arinex Live July 2023

Fast facts

Event: Dietitians Australia 2023 Conference (DA 2023)
Dates: 23-25 July 2023
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

45th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering and Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)
Dates: 24-27 July 2023
Venue: ICC Sydney


Event: Australian and New Zealand Collage of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) Science Week 2023
Dates: 27-29 July 2023
Venue: Gold Coast Convention Centre


In July, The Arinex Group (comprising Arinex event management services and Arinex Live technology services) delivered three in-person, multi-day conferences across three states and industry sectors in just one week. Each event presented unique requirements including diverse delegates, extensive speaker line-ups and concurrent sessions, with varying venue arrangements and technology needs. The primary goal was to ensure the successful execution of all three events by combining the capabilities of Arinex and Arinex Live. This case study specifically focuses on the technology aspect of the delivery, highlighting its crucial role in achieving event success.



The Arinex One platform played a vital role in all three events, providing tailored solutions to streamline event management and enhance the delegate onsite experience. Utilising various capabilities of the one-stop platform, each event benefited from its seamless integration of technology and support.

Program Management:

Arinex One efficiently streamlined the program design for the massive scale of IEEE EMBC 2023, resulting in significant time savings. The platform allowed for seamless session allocation for the four-day program, easily managing over 700 speakers across 18 concurrent rooms, ensuring zero scheduling clashes.

Customised App Solutions:

All three events were enhanced by the Arinex One event app, customised to meet the unique requirements of each conference. During the ANZCVS Science Week, attendees harnessed the app’s capabilities to effortlessly navigate through the event’s program. They enjoyed the convenience of accessing a dynamic newsfeed that provided real-time notifications. Furthermore, they actively engaged in interactive Q&A sessions, constructed personalised schedules, and seamlessly exchanged contact information with fellow delegates using scannable QR codes. This process also proved beneficial for exhibitors, facilitating efficient lead capture. Beyond simply receiving lead information via email, exhibitors could instantly download comprehensive lead reports. This innovative feature extends to fostering engagement by introducing point-based incentives and leaderboards. This gamification approach encourages interaction and engagement between attendees and exhibitors.

Speaker Support:

Onsite support included a focus on providing dedicated speaker assistance to enhance presentations and interactions for all participants. At IEEE EMBC 2023, the Arinex Live team’s expertise and Arinex One technology played a vital role in ensuring the smooth delivery of speaker presentations across 18 rooms. The team carefully managed the timing of the presentations to align with the event’s meticulously planned program, resulting in an engaging experience for both speakers and attendees. Similarly, at the Dieticians Australia 2023 Conference, Arinex Live provided comprehensive support to speakers, offering technical direction and on-site production assistance to ensure they had all the necessary resources for their presentations.

General Onsite Support:

In addition to speaker support, The Arinex Group’s team ensured the overall success of the conferences with a physical presence at all stages. The dedicated onsite teams played a crucial role in managing self-service registration kiosks and streamlining the registration process for thousands of attendees. Furthermore, they engaged with attendees to maximise the potential of the event app, offering an effortless experience for all delegates, while ensuring exhibitors benefited from efficient lead capture opportunities.



The Arinex Group’s hands-on support and industry leading Arinex One platform and dedicated event app contributed significantly to the overall success of all three major conferences. Key outcomes included: