Marketing strategy attracts huge 87% international delegation to Sydney | EMBC 23

Fast facts

Event: 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 23)

Dates: 24-27 July 2023

Location: ICC Sydney

EMBC 23 highlights


The 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 23) brought together biomedical engineers from across the world to discuss futuristic developments in biomedical technology. Computer brain interfaces that translate people’s thoughts to text and a computational model of the entire human body were some of the thought-provoking innovations discussed at this groundbreaking conference.



How to convince international attendees to make the big trip Down Under?

A key objective for the Organising Committee was to expose biomedical engineering students to the international community. Being an in-person only event, this meant attracting a genuinely international audience to Sydney to attend the conference. The hurdle to this was to convince delegates that EMBC 23 would be worth the cost and long-distance travel, particularly after the previous two editions were held in the European hubs of Berlin and Glasgow, providing easy access to European attendance.



A persuasive marketing strategy was required to encourage overseas delegates to come to Sydney. A campaign was devised that included developing a series of videos highlighting select keynote speakers and revealing some of the cutting-edge research to be discussed at EMBC 23. Arinex enlisted support from partner Tourism Australia to financially support the video creation and deployment, which added great clout to the marketing campaign.



The series of videos were created and included invitations to Australia from renowned international biomedical engineers including Professor Peter Hunter (University of Auckland) and Professor Rylie Green (Imperial College London). The videos were deployed across a number of channels – including social media, direct email marketing and via the EMBC 23 website – and wielded strong results; 2,300 delegates with a huge 87% international. This equated to an estimated economic impact of $7 million into the Sydney economy.


“We were grateful to receive the support of Tourism Australia which helped us to launch a video marketing campaign to appeal to international delegates. Arinex helped carry out the campaign by coordinating the speakers and video editing and deploying the videos, resulting in a series of professional and compelling videos that helped us to sell EMBC 23 as part of a wider marketing strategy. We were blown away with the response in terms of registrations; we received 50% more attendees than the previous conference, held in Glasgow the year earlier, and achieved an impressive 87% international delegation. Thank you Arinex for your guidance and support.”

Professor Nigel Lovell, EMBC 23 Conference Chair