Dermathon conference - ICD 2021

Bold program design draws truly international audience | International Congress of Dermatology 2021

Fast facts

Event: International Congress of Dermatology 2021

Dates: 10-13 November 2021

Format: Virtual


Designing a genuinely international, virtual conference within Australian timezones is highly challenging. Choosing program times that suit delegates from across the world at any given time is impossible – however this was the will of the Program Committee for the XIII International Congress of Dermatology 2021 (ICD 2021).


A bold decision was made to throw out the traditional conference model and hold a continuous, 24-hour ‘dermathon’. This flexibility for attendees, allowing them to log on to the conference program at whatever hour suited them. Time was carefully spent building the huge 150-hour program and inviting speakers from across the globe, with gender parity a particular objective.


The conference attracted an incredibly wide representation of attendees, with registrations from 74 countries including far-flung places such as Peru, Latvia and Namibia. Broken down, ICD 2021 attendees came from Asia (30%), Oceania (42%), Europe (12%), North America (11%), Africa (3%) and South America (2%). The speaker line-up reflected the wide international audience and achieved the committee’s aim of gender parity, with 150 male and 152 female speakers.

      Arinex were bold enough to take on board our desire to run a 24 hour dermathon platform for the first time – and it succeeded.”


      Prof Dedee Murrell, President, International Congress of Dermatology 2021