Arinex gets hands dirty to tackle carbon footprint | Arinex Conference 2023

Fast facts

Event: Arinex Conference 2023

Dates: 26 – 30 March 2023

Location: Cairns, Queensland


When Arinex, an Australasian event management company, embarked on planning a company-wide conference in Cairns, they recognised the need to reduce their event’s carbon footprint and make a positive environmental impact on the destination. The goal was to engage their team members and provide a practical way to address sustainability during the conference.


Through its partnership with the Business Events team at Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Arinex identified the Wongabel Mabi Forest Restoration project as an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the critically endangered Mabi Forest in the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns.

A collaboration between Reforest (a company that assists businesses in taking climate action), Terrain (an environmental management organisation), and the local community – the project allowed Arinex to fund the planting of native trees that would offset 13 tonnes of non-travel related carbon emissions generated by the conference.

During the Arinex Conference, team members had the privilege of participating in the Wongabel Mabi Forest Restoration project. They learned about the project and actively engaged in revitalising the forest by planting trees. This hands-on approach allowed the team to directly contribute to the reforestation efforts and make a tangible positive impact on the local environment.


Arinex integrated sustainability into their conference itinerary and set an inspiring example for other business events. By funding the planting of native trees, they successfully offset their conference’s non-travel related carbon emissions.

By including a corporate social responsibility aspect in their conference itinerary, Arinex not only contributed to the preservation of the unique Wongabel Mabi Forest but also allowed team members to make a positive impact on the Cairns region.

Overall, Arinex’s participation in the restoration project showcased their dedication to empowering themselves and clients to reduce their environmental footprint. It highlighted the value of incorporating sustainability into conference and incentive programs, and left team members inspired to guide their clients toward embracing similar experiences.

“This project highlights a practical and impactful way that sustainability can be incorporated into conference and incentive programs. We were able to give back to the Cairns region and make a positive environmental impact through hands-on work. We look forward to extending this opportunity to our clients in the future.” – Nicole Walker, Arinex Managing Director.