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25th World Congress for the International Society for Forensic Genetics

The 25th World Congress for the International Society for Forensic Genetics is held every two years and almost always in Europe but for the first time it was held in Melbourne in from 02 – 07 September 2013.

The aim of the Australian Organising Committee was to create a program showcasing cutting-edge science whilst putting a distinct “Aussie” touch on the Congress to leave a lasting legacy.

Professor Adrian Linacre, Congress President, stated that “a hallmark of a conference is that it goes without any hitches or problems. I was asked often whether I was stressed during the congress and yet this was not the case largely because so much was organised efficiently and effectively by the local organisers in conjunction with Arinex.”

The program consisted of an unprecedented 9 workshops, 57 oral presentations and over 320 posters. New technologies and cutting edge forensic genetics were keys to success along with the transition of research methods into the criminal justice system. An absolute highlight was the opening address given by the founding father of DNA fingerprinting, Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, a legend in the field and a name well known to the whole community yet someone few in Australia have ever had the chance to meet.

“from the perspective of a seasoned conference attendee, and one who has attended the last 8 ISFG congresses, what remains memorable for any conference is the venue, social events and the science. Melbourne and the MCEC was the star performer as all, without exception who commented, were amazed by the light and size of the space for the posters and exhibitors, and also grateful for the comfort of the venue. The general consensus is that not only was the meeting at the MCEC a fitting way to celebrate the 25th congress of the ISFG, but also that is was a total success and exceeded my expectations”.


Professor Adrian Linacre