Optimum event experience with Arinex-Entegy partnership

Arinex and software developer Entegy have partnered to deliver new innovations in event app technology. This new partnership is forging a level of integration never before available, across multiple event technologies.

The Entegy suite offers new features for clients such as flexible mobile apps, gamification and networking features, live voting and Q&A, lead capture attendance tracking and innovative badge printing software and hardware, providing live insights into attendee behaviour and engagement and allowing organisers to better measure return on investment.

Importantly, the app fully integrates with Arinex’ suite of technology solutions which include software for abstract and program management and speaker presentation management. It means that all information within programs, speaker presentations and abstracts are automatically updated in the event app, program and website within seconds, allowing complete control and a stress-free user-experience.

The partnership announcement comes after Arinex provided the new app for Melbourne’s food and drinks event, Whisky, Wine and Fire. The app saw a 223% increase in the event’s passport competition, thus increasing leads for organisers, increasing data collection for future marketing and demonstrating value to stakeholders.

“By introducing the app, we had aimed to provide additional customer engagement to better educate and engage our audience in the event. We also had aimed to increase the volume and collect better quality data for later marketing of other services and events we host,” said a Whisky, Wine and Fire spokesman.  “The app made this possible by providing a central place for everything patrons may need to know, as well as providing the passport competition, requiring registration to take part. We were wrapped with eMobilise and services provided by Arinex.”

Graeme Caplen, Director of Sales & Marketing at Entegy, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with one of Australia’s most awarded and renowned event management and technology companies. Arinex adds a wealth of industry experience and success to our partner network and we look forward to helping Arinex continue to deliver innovative and exciting solutions to the market.”

Nicole Walker, Arinex Chief Operating Officer, added: “Because eMobilise integrates with all of our other technology solutions, organisers can do much more with just one click. Any additions or changes, such as a last-minute room change, only needs to be made in one location and it will be reflected everywhere; on the event website and the mobile app. It’s a simple process that saves time and reduces stress.”

For more information or to receive a customised quote, email Arinex’ Business Development Manager Kevin Dunn kdunn@arinex.com.au.