Marketing and Communication

Typically, events use marketing to maximise attendance. It is a core revenue stream and such, a big factor in the overall success of your event. A clear communication strategy will be developed and implemented to achieve a whole host of other objectives, such as mobilising public support for the policy position of your organisation, raising corporate funding for a new innovation or driving new memberships. We segment your target audience and craft tailored messages to increase conversions on the appropriate platforms and channels.

Smart, targeted and compelling to maximise results

The right marketing and communication strategy raises awareness, drives interest and ensures attendee registrations. Whatever your goals, we design a tailored strategy to reach your target audiences and deliver on the event goals and objectives. Drawing on our extensive bank of proven strategies, in-house expertise and resources, diverse industry contacts and partnership network, our marketing and communication strategies are built to deliver results.


Our marketing department excels in pre-booth promotions, creating strategies to generate buzz and attract attention before your event.

Website development & management

We offer website development and management services, ensuring your online presence is engaging, user-friendly, and optimized for success.

Social media management

Harness the power of social media with our expertise, as we develop impactful strategies to maximize your brand’s reach and engagement.

Public relations &

Our team specializes in public relations, crafting compelling narratives and securing media coverage to enhance your brand’s reputation.

Electronic direct mail (EDM)

Utilize the effectiveness of electronic direct mail campaigns, as we design and execute targeted email marketing strategies to reach your audience.

Promotional materials & advertising

Enhance your brand visibility with our expertise in developing captivating promotional materials and executing effective advertising campaigns

Content writing &

Our skilled content writers produce engaging and persuasive copy, helping you communicate your message effectively across various platforms.

Database segmentation & marketing

We excel in database segmentation and targeted marketing, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience with personalized messaging.

Customised and

Our specialist marketing service is backed by our in-house team of technology experts that help with creating customised digital tools, such as multi-lingual/translated websites, engagement tools (mobile apps built with customised features such as live polling), and so much more. These are integrated and tailored to suit your event, so you can be sure the result will be seamless and effective.

Engaging and

Our full range of tools will assist in connecting your audience and allow sophisticated engagement in the lead up to your event, and high levels of content engagement during your event. There are increasing benefits and the ability to continue the relationship in the days, weeks and years after your event.

Data-driven and

Real-time analysis and insights allow you to make communcation and marketing adjustments on-the-go, pre, during and post event, and optimise your activity and investment. Our thorough reporting also assists in identifing future opportunities.

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