Data-driven marketing

Smart, targeted and compelling to maximise results

Typically, events use marketing to maximise attendance. It is one of your core revenue streams and, as such, a big factor in the overall success of your event. But, marketing can also be employed to achieve a whole host of other objectives, such as mobilising public support for the policy position of your organisation, raising corporate funding for a new innovation or driving new memberships.

Whatever your goals, we design a tailored marketing strategy that suits your individual requirements and is most effective for your target audiences. Drawing on our extensive bank of proven strategies, in-house expertise and resources, diverse industry contacts and partnership network, our marketing strategies are built to deliver results.

What we do best

Integrated and flexible

Our specialist marketing service is backed by our in-house team of tech experts that help with creating customised digital tools, such as multi-lingual/translated websites, engagement tools (apps built for you with customised features such as live polling), and so much more. It is all integrated and tailored to suit you, so you can be sure the result will be seamless and effective.

Engaging and interactive

We have a full range of tools to connect you to your audience and engage with them before your event and promote high levels of interaction with your organisation and content during your event. There is also the ability to continue the relationship in the days, weeks and years after your event.

Segmented and targeted

We segment your audience and craft tailored messages to increase conversions. Our approach is targeted, tailored and proven to work. We work with you to understand your unique objectives and design a marketing strategy that best suits your requirements, audience and budget to deliver on what is most important to you.

Data-driven and analytical

We give you real-time analysis and insights so you can make adjustments on-the-go and optimise your activity and investment. Our thorough reporting helps to identify future opportunities.