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Architects of inspiring experiences


Arinex <ar-in-ex> The ultimate expression of being architects of inspiring experiences, embodying the art and science of creating meetings and events that surpass all expectations.

Arinex has been delivering successful event outcomes for over 40 years and across many industry sectors. From medical and healthcare to government, mining and resource, life sciences,  education, intellectual property, clubs, research science to many more.

In living up to the aspiration contained in our name architects of inspiring experiences, we have transformed the Professional Conference Organiser’s (PCO) role from one of logistical management to that of the modern meeting architect. Offering expert insight and skills in substantiating and documenting your objectives, then designing and executing the meeting with professional excellence.

Whether you are hosting a national or international conference, Arinex understands how important delivering a truly innovative and memorable conference is for you and your organisation. With our group of experienced and creative professionals, we will work with you every step of the way, acting as both your dedicated mentor and partner.

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