Feel-good initiatives for delegates

As Australia’s first event management company to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, Arinex is passionate about sustainability and empowering our clients to reduce the carbon footprint of events.

During the New Directions in Leukemia Research (NDLR) Conference in June 2022, Arinex introduced a sustainability initiative that delegates could easily support. A basket was placed at the registration desk to collect unused hotel toiletries. At the conclusion of the event a charity called, ‘Every Little Bit Helps (ELBH)’, collected the items and packaged them up to support people in need. They believe that every Australian should have access to a toothbrush and bar of soap. The care packages are packed and distributed by ELBH to the homeless, asylum seekers and victims of domestic violence.

With many interstate delegates attending NDLR and staying in hotels, it was identified as a perfect opportunity to collect unused and good-quality hotel toiletries for this worthy charity.

The positive delegate response highlighted that this small and easy-to-implement initiative could support someone in need, and make a delegate feel good about staying in a hotel and attending a conference by providing their unused hotel products to a good cause. As a delegate, they were able to improve the liveability of someone in need, even if only for a short time.

After the success at NDLR 2022, this initiative will be implemented at future business events.

Visit www.elbh.org.au/ for more information