Events comeback puts squeeze on venue availability

Borders have reopened and face-to-face events are making a comeback, injecting millions of dollars into the many businesses that make up the industry. This is certainly a good thing, but it has come with some teething pains.

The events industry has not escaped the staff shortages and supply chain issues that are plaguing many sectors across Australia, and in fact globally. Event managers, venues, hotels, and suppliers are trying to accomplish more with fewer resources and in shorter timeframes.

To complete a triple whammy, venue availability is now being squeezed as event bookings pile up, especially for the latter half of 2022. While this is a welcome change for venues that suffered terribly through lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, it is causing some headaches for event organisers and their clients.

Arinex faced this recently when assisting with an international conference tour set to land in Sydney in November. Enquiries with over 20 events spaces in Sydney and the North Shore were made before any availability was found.

This can be frustrating for both event planners and their clients since confirming a venue is so vital to the progress of an event.

As the industry gets back on its feet, being flexible with dates and locations in 2022 and 2023 will be key to success.

It also goes without saying that as we work through these challenges, we must be patient with one another. After all, we are working toward the same goals – to stage inspiring experiences and to get business thriving again.