Effective Leadership is Smart

“Leadership to me is having the conviction to make difficult decisions, the strength to support and encourage others, the humility to take advice, the vision to create and the flexibility to proactively adapt.” Martin Boyle, CEO IAPCO.

It is imperative to understand the mindset of people – what will drive and motivate them on an individual level and the ability to adapt your leadership style to maximise their outcomes. I have found that the best way to achieve a better understanding of individuals is through open communication and creating a company culture of trust through leading by example.

When a culture of trust exists, it is important to provide ongoing inspiration, motivation and the freedom for each individual to develop to their greatest potential. By taking the time to uncover people’s strengths and allow them to share and align their priorities with company priorities, they will focus their efforts on the best results for the business, which in turn provides them with personal satisfaction.

The negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business events industry created additional challenges. Leaders rely on personal inner strength and resilience, focusing on the wellbeing of others. When staff are not motivated and challenged during difficult times, negativity leads to poor mental health and low performance. As the 2020 Pandemic gathered momentum, we took the team on an experiential journey by creating an exclusive conference for employees to learn first-hand what we provide at virtual events. The three-day program immersed employees via virtual platforms and focused on sales, behavioural and knowledge-based training sessions.

Effective leaders have a strong vision that enables them to guide and accelerate into the future whilst having the ability to adapt to changing external influences. Indeed, change is constant ¬and the one thing you can expect to happen. It is important to learn from all experiences, good and bad, to ensure continued improvement and growth.

One of the most effective leadership traits is to share ‘the why, the big picture, the end goal’. It is imperative to remain relevant and update the vision, mission and company values to ensure everyone in the company understands.

If you have long-standing employees with expertise in the company a mentor program can capitalise on this strength and ensure knowledge is not lost but shared. This strengthens the company, via supporting and developing junior and new staff.

Effective leaders recognise they do not need to know everything and surround themselves with staff with strong skill sets. Leaders are not threatened by the talents of others, instead a leader strategically identifies and utilises people’s strengths and weaknesses to set the business up for success whilst retaining valued and respected employees.

Nicole Walker, CEO Arinex

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