Dress promotes LGBTQIA+ rights

Arinex is proud to be working on the 2023 Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference, which will be held in Sydney for the first time in March 2023.

Bringing attention to the event and human rights issues affecting the global LGBTQIA+ community, The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress arrived in Australia in September and was modelled by trans woman Suzy Wrong on Sydney Harbour.

Created in the Netherlands by Mattijs van Bergen, Arnout van Krimpen, Jochem Kaan and Oeri van Woezik, the dress is made from the national flags of the 71 countries where it is still illegal to be LGBTQI+ on penalty of imprisonment, torture or death. When a country adopts LGBTIQ+ inclusive legislation, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation will replace the respective country’s flag with a rainbow flag.

The topics being discussed at the conference include the protection of LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum; access to supportive and affirming healthcare for LGBTQIA+ people; the future of inclusive sport; and the international effort to end unnecessary procedures performed on intersex people without their consent.

Congratulation to Sydney World Pride for bringing The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress to Australia and shining a light on important human rights issues.