21 Positive News Stories about COVID-19

It’s time for some uplifting news
1. US Researchers deliver first COVID-19 vaccine to volunteers in experimental test program
2. Distilleries across the United States are making their own free hand sanitisers to give away for free
3. Air pollution plummets in cities with high rates of quarantine
4. Johns Hopkins researcher says that antibodies from recovered COVID patients could help protect people at risk
5. South Korean outbreak finally abating as recoveries outnumber new infections for three days in a row
6. China celebrates several milestones of recovery after temporary hospitals close and parks reopen
7. Australian researchers testing two drugs as potential ‘cures’ for the virus
8. Uber Eats is supporting the North American restaurant industry by waiving delivery fees for 100,000 Restaurants
9. Dutch and Canadian researchers are reporting additional breakthrough research on treating the virus
10. Likely to be the last people to find out about pandemic is a group of 14 people in big brother house in Germany :)
11. Scientists know how to detect the virus and in recent months, the type of test for COVID-19 has been refined
12. The situation in China is improving – apple has reopened all of its stores in China
13. 80% of cases are mild
14. There are 13 times more patients cured than deaths, and the proportion is increasing
15. The virus can be effectively inactivated from surfaces with a solution of ethanol (62-71 % alcohol), hydrogen peroxide (0,5 % hydrogen peroxide), or sodium hypochlorite (0,1 % bleach), in only one minute
16. There are already more than eight projects against the new Coronavirus
17. There are more than 80 clinical trials with antivirals underway
18. A UK town launches a telephone befriending service
19. The World is working together to help each other and find a cure
20. Mass sing and dance-alongs have been taking place via balconies in Italy where citizens have been on lockdown for a few weeks
21. LVMH, the parent company of Dior, Givenchy and others, announced that they will be producing disinfectant gel which they will distribute to hospitals for free

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