Code of Conduct 


Arinex is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for all event personnel, contractors, consultants, suppliers and event participants including attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. We expect everyone involved in the development and participation of the event to interact with each other in a respectful and courteous manner and not to display anti-social behaviour.  Anti-social behaviour includes any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying or abuse of authority as described below.

The Arinex Group will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or any behaviour or language that is anti-social, abusive, offensive, or unwelcome.  Any behaviour of this kind and/or breach of this Code of Conduct should be reported to The Arinex Group’s Human Resources Department or CEO using the complaints procedures set out in this document.


Anti-social Behaviour

Discriminatory Behaviour

Discrimination refers to treating people differently, negatively, or adversely because of one or more of the following prohibited grounds of discrimination: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, or pardoned criminal conviction.


Harassment occurs where a person engages in uninvited or unwelcome behaviour which a reasonable person would expect would cause another person to be offended, humiliated, or intimidated.  It does not matter if the person who committed the act intended, or did not intend, to upset or cause offence to the other person.  Harassment includes, but is not limited to, racial or sexual slurs, name calling, racist or sexist jokes, negative stereotyping, physical assault, bullying, threats, demeaning pictures, posters and graffiti.

Personal harassment

Personal harassment includes objectionable conduct, comment, or display made on either a one-time or continuous basis that demeans, belittles, or causes personal humiliation or embarrassment on the part of the recipient. It may or may not be linked to discriminatory behaviour.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcomed conduct of a sexual nature that a reasonable person, having regard to all the circumstances would have anticipated would offend, humiliate or intimidate the other person.  This conduct includes but is not limited to a comment, gesture, or physical contact, whether on a one-time basis or a series of incidents, that results the recipient feeling uncomfortable.


Bullying consists of behaviour to attack and diminish another by subjecting the recipient to unjustified criticism and trivial fault-finding, humiliating the recipient (especially in front of others), and/or spreading rumours, passing on insults, ignoring, overruling, isolating, excluding the recipient or inflicting harm by damaging social reputation, peer relationships and self-esteem.

Abuse of authority

Abuse of authority refers to an individual improperly using the power and authority inherent in a position to endanger a person’s job, undermine the performance of that job, threaten the person’s economic livelihood, or in any way interfere with or influence a person’s career. It is the exercise of authority in a manner that serves no legitimate purpose and ought reasonably to be known to be inappropriate.


Positive behaviours

The Arinex Group expects the following positive behaviours to be displayed by all event personnel, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and event participants including attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors during the development and participation of events.

  • Comply with prevailing community standards of equity, justice, fairness, and compassion in dealing with others within and beyond the company.
  • Always act honestly, in good faith, and respectful of the trust placed in us.
  • Respect everyone’s rights to privacy and keep personal information in confidence.
  • Consider the impact of decisions and behaviour on the well-being of others.
  • Treat everyone with courtesy, respect, kindness, consideration, and sensitivity to their rights.
  • Recognise that others have the right to hold views which may differ from our own.
  • Refrain from allowing personal relationships to affect professional relationships.
  • Communicate with appropriate language deemed professional and courteous.
  • Take responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and others.
  • Strive to always achieve the highest product, service, and professional standards.
  • Comply with the principles of environmental responsibility.
  • Ensure personal political views and/or affiliations or other personal interests do not influence the performance of duties or exercise of responsibilities.
  • Notifying any potential conflicts of interest to a member of The Arinex Group leadership team.


Complaints Procedure 

The following sets out the process by which breaches of the Code of Conduct should be reported and managed:

  • Identify and assess the unacceptable behaviour.
    1. Note the behaviour that does not meet expectations/standards.
    2. Note specific examples and times/days when it occurs.
    3. Collect relevant documents or evidence.
  • Lodge written report.
    1. Communicate details of the breach in writing by email to
    2. The written report will include the names of individuals concerned, details of the behaviour(s) and the names of any witnesses present.
    3. Confidentiality while handling complaints will be applied in accordance with the Code of Conduct policy.
  • Commence formal investigation.
    1. Formal investigations may be conducted by Human Resources, CEO or an external person who is appointed by the CEO.
    2. The investigator will aim to follow the procedure set out below:
  1. Clarify details of what took place and ensure that all necessary information is obtained.
  2. Discuss the report made with the person/s accused of breaching the Code of Conduct.
  3. Make a determination as to whether the alleged behaviour occurred and if it constitutes a breach to the Code of Conduct.

If The Arinex Group feels it is appropriate in the interests of health and safety of the persons concerned, and/or the efficiency of the investigation process, the persons involved may be required to refrain from attending the relevant place of business  or receiving event related services for a period of time whilst the investigation is underway.

The Arinex Group will ensure a timely and appropriate resolution of the investigation is reached and communicated to all parties involved.