Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria with more than 5 million people and a thriving metropolitan city. Melbourne’s multicultural atmosphere is set amongst Victorian-era buildings and gorgeous parkland. It is an epicentre for sports, arts and entertainment, along with being a foodie’s paradise where secret bars, boutiques and local artisans can be uncovered as you wander the many laneways.


The city of Melbourne is situated on the large natural bay known as Port Phillip on the Southeast Coast of Australia. All major international airlines have regular flights into Melbourne. Flights from Sydney are available every half hour and is one of the busiest flight paths in the world.


The W Hotel is one of Melbourne’s first luxury lifestyle hotels, inspired by Melbourne’s vibrant and creative culture. Set in Flinders Lane in the CBD puts you at the heart of the city and an ideal location to go exploring Melbourne on foot.


There is no other major city around the world where you can traverse by hot air balloon. As the earth falls away, you rise with the sun. Sail the breeze beside sparkling skyscrapers and follow the Yarra River as it unwinds through parks and gardens. Melbourne is just waking up – and you’ve already crossed something off your bucket list.

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