New South Wales 

The Blue Mountains

World Heritage-listed wilderness where ancient rock formations cast their golden glow over vast canyons carpeted in eucalypts. Quaint, historic villages filled with friendly locals and exciting trinket shops and art galleries to discover. The Blue Mountains is a unique experience your group will thank you for.


The Blue Mountains lie just 60 kilometres west of Sydney. Allow one hour to arrive by vehicle or two hours by train.


Wolgan Valley is an ultra-luxury conservation resort, occupying just one percent of a 2,800 hectare nature reserve in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.


Horse Treks with an experienced Field Guide who leads riders on a memorable exploration of some of the most stunning countryside imaginable. Longer rides allow access to some of the more remote areas of the reserve, travelling through some of the spectacular grasslands, woodlands, rivers and ridgelines of Wolgan Valley.

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