Arinex staff in the shoes of their clients

Investing in your staff during a major crisis is easy to say, but not so easy to put in place.

Arinex staff created an exclusive conference for their whole team to learn first-hand and experience what they provide to their clients. The event was an initiative generated by the staff themselves and incorporated feedback presentations by clients and industry partners, break out discussion groups, concurrent sessions on selected topics and more. The three day event was delivered nationwide in late June.

The virtual conference focused on four strategic areas: partnerships, technology, leadership and sustainability and used the latest virtual technology platforms. This provided ‘hands on’ experience in effective solutions for virtual and hybrid events.

Tourism Australia provided a deep dive into current initiatives outlining the support available for the business events industry. The focus remains on partnerships and collaboration to put Australia front and centre globally.

Arinex having confidence in the return of major conferences and events, used the global pandemic downtime to develop comprehensive sustainability guidelines. A new sustainability strategy was launched to drive a more sustainable future. It is through actions like this that the Events Industry will lead the nation’s sustainability agenda by 2030.

The leadership sessions emphasised and built on the Arinex philosophy of helping others. Creating a ‘Beyond You Culture’ is not how you can benefit or grow from a company, but how to leverage yourself for others in the company. “The value of a life is always measured by how much of it you gave away.” stated Andy Stanley (North Atlanta Communicator, Author and Pastor).

Insights shared about 47 years in business, combined with three days of event collaboration position Arinex at the forefront to deliver effective and inspiring solutions for clients.

Owner and Founder of Arinex, Roslyn McLeod OAM, who participated in the virtual conference sessions remarked, “I would like to hold this event every few months. It provided a platform for staff innovation and brought the whole company together in a spirit of conviviality, partnership and purpose. I am so proud they work for me and delighted the personable environment they created will forge a shining united team in this dark time. I respect their commitment to go above and beyond.”



Arinex pioneered online registrations via digital technology in 1997 in Australia. A trendsetter in technology, Arinex once again, used the latest technology platforms anticipating the needs of future clients and events. Solutions for abstract management, online streaming, recording, hosting and presenting, fostered innovation and transformation within the company and put the spotlight on the latest developments.


Leadership expert, Andy Stanley, spoke on the need to evaluate yourself so that you can be a leader who empowers others. Other sessions educated on the generosity of spirit and how to look for new and sustainable solutions during the pandemic crisis. Guest speakers from ‘Movember’ shared knowledge about mental well-being and strategies to identify individuals in need of support.


Song Division is a global provider of interactive musical experiences for meetings and events that empowers teams and builds a deeply unified corporate culture. As a wrap up after three full days of content and presentations from many partners and internal staff members, the Arinex team collaborated to develop their own song.


Respect for the environment is at the forefront of every decision to minimise the environmental footprint. Arinex signed the IAPCO Plastic Pledge in 2019 and has committed to a reduction of material waste within the company and with managed events. The commitment outlines sustainable design and, where financially possible, carbon offsetting. The guidelines emphasise working with partners and suppliers who have strong sustainability policies and growing awareness throughout the business events sector globally.