Thought Leadership Interview with Professor Claude Roux

An interview with Professor Claude Roux, Director, Centre for Forensic Science, Sydney shares the benefits of appointing the right PCO and reappointment of Arinex provided innovation, creativity and security during COVID-19.

What should organisers look for when appointing a PCO?
• Strong and long-lasting experience – someone who has seen all the challenges that may arise (well, almost all, COVID-19 required experience)
• Financially robust – ensure that the company will not disappear along the way
• Strong capacity – the success will depend on a single staff member
• Ability to both guide and listen to the committee – professional and personable relationship is important
• Innovative without being over-risky
• Strong links with the events industry and governments
• Organisation Committees should do their homework and look for independent references

What are the biggest challenges for organising a quality conference that a good PCO can assist with?
• Overall project planning and appropriate timeline
• Budget
• Programming
• Dealing with venues, hotels, logistics etc
• Sponsorship and exhibition
• Marketing

Why did you select Arinex?
• Industry leader complying with all our points in question 1 above
• Returned happy customer
• Interviewed the best. Balanced and more realistic than competitors

What were your concerns with re-appointing Arinex as your PCO?
• Being biased because of our previous positive experience with Arinex
• Complacency from Arinex for the same reasons

What were the benefits of working with Arinex?
• Arinex know their job and the industry like nobody else
• Great planners
• No financial surprises
• Outstanding through the whole process of postponement of the meeting due to COVID-19

Would you select Arinex again?
• Yes, without any doubt…however, our current meeting has not been delivered yet!

Are there any areas you feel Arinex has excelled in?
• Professional support and outstanding advice through COVID-19 crisis

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