41 Benefits of Virtual Events During COVID-19

Virtual live streaming of events has become commonplace due to the global COVID-19 crisis. However virtual and hybrid events have many benefits both now and in the long term. This extensive list explores some substantial advantages of going virtual. Discuss the varied options available with your next event at enquiry@arinex.com.au

1. Workload for events decreased with no organisation of accommodation, people on site, caterers etc.
2. Increased attendance due to no restrictions on numbers
3. Low cost registration or free
4. Measure success in real time allowing continuous improvement
5. Transition is easy as people are familiar with webinars and live streaming
6. No excessive travel especially long-distance flights
7. Opportunity to have increased participation from developing countries
8. Delegate participation is higher because they are less intimidated
9. More questions at networking as its more comfortable than face to face
10. Can replay key learnings easily and immediately after event
11. More flexible as you can listen/attend at your convenience
12. Opportunity to curate/target a showcase of solutions to attendees
13. Less delegate management time with no flights and hotels to arrange
14. More likely to get diverse roles in organisations attending
15. More likely to get skeptics or employers who are skeptics attending
16. More likely to gain a greater international audience
17. Financial Benefits are greater due to no venue rental, staffing or catering
18. More likely to get senior executives who are time poor
19. More likely to get junior/early career people who are cost prohibited
20. Non-discriminatory for those who are unable to travel due to childcare, health & disability
21. Virtual events have a lower commitment than in person
22. Opportunity to grow digital initiatives for promotion of virtual events
23. People are spending more time online, so there is a chance to really engage
24. Direct access to keynote speakers providing trust with attendees
25. Brand consistency on all elements making your brand more recognisable
26. Flexibility with how attendees access event i.e. mobile phone, desktop, boardroom
27. Monetise event by selecting a technology that integrates with a ticketing platform
28. Flexibility with cost outlays, select the technology platform you can afford
29. Potential to secure higher level guest speakers due to lesser time commitment
30. Real time interaction leads to more engagement
31. Possibility of building trust and a deeper connection with the audience
32. Learn more about your audience through online data
33. Opportunity to run a survey immediately after virtual session and get immediate feedback
34. Recorded webcast can be reused and repurposed throughout the year
35. Can sell off your live stream to an industry publication or organisation and allow use
36. Expand sponsorship opportunities offering smaller packages where each session is sponsored
37. Opportunity to target dormant members of associations
38. Can archive all events
39. Ultimately can reach much larger numbers with key information
40. Run opinion polls and true viewer engagement stats to get crucial feedback
41. Opportunity to offer exactly what attendees want in short segments