11 benefits of a quality event website

Arinex recognises the remarkable advantages that tailored event websites bring to both organisers and attendees. In this article, we delve into 11 reasons why having a website is imperative for any successful event.

Streamline event planning: Event websites streamline various logistical aspects, making event planning more efficient. Integrated registration forms and secure payment systems simplify the registration process for attendees while providing organisers with seamless management. Additionally, detailed event schedules, venue information and accommodation options assist attendees in planning their participation.

Promote your committee and event: An event website is essential in showcasing the value, importance and impact of your event. It’s an opportunity to feature your organising committee and place emphasis on the latest research.

Enhance pre-event marketing: An event website serves as the central hub for your pre-event marketing efforts. It allows you to engage potential attendees by showcasing event highlights, providing teasers and outlining registration details. Engaging features, such as countdown timers and exclusive content previews, build anticipation and encourage registrations.

Promote environmental sustainability: Compared to printing brochures that often end up discarded, event websites offer an environmentally friendly alternative. Their ease of updating makes websites a greener choice for disseminating event information.

Maximise sponsorship potential: Event websites unlock increased sponsorship opportunities by creating additional avenues for sponsored elements. With attendees actively visiting the website for essential information, sponsors gain heightened visibility and maximise their reach. Websites can feature all sponsor logos and detail their connection and contribution to the event, adding value to sponsor partnerships.

Share up-to-date information: Event websites enable efficient communication of changing information. Whether a high-profile speaker is added to the program or there is a last-minute change to event timings, organisers can promptly share the most current details with attendees, ensuring everyone remains informed and prepared.

Reinforce brand identity: Designing a branded event website that resonates with your event’s core values helps to build a connection with attendees. With carefully designed elements, wording and visuals, attendees can get a true sense of your event, even before attending in person.

Efficiently address inquiries: No event website is complete without a section to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ). As event details evolve, organisers can continually update the FAQ section based on common attendee questions, ensuring that attendees have readily available access to essential information. This also results in reduced email exchange workload for event planners and committees.

Facilitate networking opportunities: By incorporating interactive features, event websites become platforms for networking and interaction among attendees. Personalised logins and chat forums can also enhance the overall attendee experience.

Unlock audience insights: Event website interactions provide valuable insights into attendee preferences. By analysing how attendees engage with the website and what they engage with, organisers can identify popular elements, areas that require improvement and adapt the event format and content if necessary.

Amplify reach and accessibility: Event websites extend the reach of your event beyond physical attendees, enabling a wider audience to access event information, recorded content, resources and accessibility features such as captions and sign language. By embracing technology, your event can have a broader impact, regardless of geographical or physical constraints and be used as an ongoing resource for member connection long after the event.

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