Sponsored Breakfast Seminars

Sponsored breakfast seminars will take place on the morning of Thursday 14 May  from 0730am – 0845am.

Please note you may attend one breakfast seminar  (included in the registration fee). You must indicate your attendance via the online form upon the time of registration. Places are limited and subject to availability.

Conference breakfast sessions are sponsored activities separate to the Conference program. DAA does not endorse their content.

Thursday 14 May Breakfast Seminars

Campbell Arnott’s FULL

Emotional profiling – An emerging tool to measure how consumers associate emotion and wellness with food
0730 – 0845

Many Australians are choosing to limit grain foods in their diet. Despite sound science and nutrition education from APDs, there continues to be a lot of confusion among many as to whether grain foods are healthy.

Peoples’ perception of health and wellness is based on more than just a food or drink’s nutrition information and ingredients and this can make it challenging for dietitians to encourage people to choose healthier foods on an ongoing basis.

Emotional profiling is an emerging research tool that is used by Sensory & Consumer Scientists and can be used to measure how consumers associate emotions and wellness with food. If eating certain foods make people feel an increased sense of wellness, then it could increase the likelihood that people will want to buy those foods again. At Arnott’s, this research has been used for the first time, to assess Arnott’s Vita-Weat, a healthy, whole grain-rich crispbread.

During this breakfast session, the results of this research will be presented, along with how it may be used to ensure we are better informed to help encourage and support consumption of grain foods and overall healthier eating.

This breakfast session will have 2 speakers:

The first speaker Ms Alison Baldwin, APD, Program Manager – Nutrition, Campbell Arnott’s Asia Pacific, will discuss current consumer trends and attitudes to grain foods and the influences these perceptions have on consumer food choice and behaviour.

The second speaker, Ms Suz Allen, R&D Director Sensory & Consumer Science, Campbell Arnott’s Asia Pacific & International, will present some new research regarding how emotional response to grain foods can influence wellness and how this may be used to encourage people to want to make healthier choices on an ongoing basis.

Jalna Dairy Foods FULL

Why Choose a Probiotic Yoghurt? & Fat, the Sixth Taste?
0730 – 0845

CHR HansenWhy Choose a Probiotic Yoghurt?
Duncan Hamm
Regional Industry Technical Manager – Culture & Enzymes, Chr. Hansen

DeakinFat, the sixth taste? 
Professor Russell Keast PhD 
Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS)
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Health, Deakin University